Starting Your Christian Home-Based Business – Tips

As you begin to build your At-home business, look for the strengths of others to help you succeed. The pressure of starting any business is enormous, but a home-based business is always with you. Take the time to enjoy your family, enjoy your quiet time with God and enjoy your business. My tips are:
Begin your day with praises and thanks to God for your business
Have a plan for the day. Schedules and planning is very important. If you want to have lunch with your child at school, put it in your planner for the day, then look at it as just another appointment (but a very important appointment)
Look to others in your life that might want to work from home and enlist their help when things become overwhelming. You can pay them as a sub-contractor and build a great support team for your business
In the beginning you will take every job you can, but as you begin to sift your client base for the perfect clients or your niche clients, you will be happier and they will receive greater benefits from you.
When the work day is over, close the door and let it be over. There is always that impulse to “just do this one more thing” but try very hard to separate work time from family time and stick to it.
And end your day with thanksgiving to the One who gave you the gift of your home-based business and the opportunity to serve Him through it.